What to expect at your first lesson

First lessons evaluate your unique vocal goals and situation, so lessons can be customized to get the quickest results possible. Students receive a brief voice assessment and then begin a variety of exercises that are essential to the learning and voice building process.

Recognising that every singer has different challenges, needs, and goals. Rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach, we approach each student and lesson as a unique experience where the student’s most pressing needs will be addressed first.

In your first lesson, we will get to know you by asking for things like your vocal history, influences and singing goals. This helps us determine how best to serve your needs.

We may ask you to sing something – a song (this is optional) to get an idea of your voice and style. Then we will take you through a few exercises to quickly assess your vocal strengths and challenges.

From this assessment, we’ll give you an honest idea of where your voice needs to grow – and then give you the answers to get there! It’s all about you.

Your lessons will be personalised to suit you, your goals and the level that you are at. Like a gym workout regime, these exercises will target your weak areas to correct bad habits and build a strong, balanced instrument.

Whilst it’s normal to be a little nervous at first, there’s no need to be, as we aim for a friendly and relaxed environment. Your voice is something to be embraced and enjoyed.

To book your first lesson, please contact us. To receive more information about lessons, send Melanie a quick email asking for more information.

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