Check out what some of our students have to say about their

Adult Singing Lessons in Geelong at Love To Sing Studios.

I’ve been singing for years but it wasn’t until I started lessons that I realised there is so much more to it than just opening your mouth and letting the sound come out. I have a better understanding now of how to handle my voice and I’m no longer afraid of high notes.Jodi Morgan – age 23

I have really enjoyed my singing lessons with Love to Sing Studios and have noticed improvement in my tone, range and confidence. After a few  months several people who didn’t know I was taking lessons commented on how much my voice had improved.Sarah Pennycuick – age 26
I really enjoy attending my lessons each week because it is “my time”, time to do something I have wanted to do for so many years now, SING! I really enjoy singing and it’s great to see some improvement in my voice. Now not only do I sing, but I sing with confidence.
Confidence is something Love to Sing Studios has helped me develop… confidence in myself not only as a singer but also as a person… confidence to just be myself and the best I can be.
I look forward to hearing my voice further develop, working towards my next performance and achieving my full potential as a singer and an entertainer.
Thanks Love to Sing for all your help!Rob – age 23
I value the input Love to Sing gives about how to make my “own voice” better and work on being the best and giving my best. You continually challenge me to press in and push forward and grow. I like the variety of exercises as well.Jessica R. - age 21
I feel a lot more confident now in my voice. My tone, bridges and vowels have improved greatly over the past year. I now understand what I’ve been doing wrong and have the knowledge to fix it.Tarryn Lane

I get a real buzz when I can reach high notes that I could not do before because of the progress I have made in my lessons with Love to Sing Studios. Of course practice is vital, but my teacher helps to point me in the right direction. Taking singing lessons has boosted my confidence and self worth and it has helped in the ability to express myself. In a way it has been good therapy for me. Performing at the Performance Café was a big achievement for me.Sharon Bridgeman – age 37
I’ve been singing with Love to Sing Studios for just over a year. I was always too scared to take lessons before but my teacher is so patient & encouraging. My range, strength and confidence has grown so much. I’m learning to tap into my chest voice and how to deliver a confident performance. I’m really enjoying my singing now, it’s the half hour I look forward to every week and I always walk out smiling!Amy Hardiman – age 25
Since starting with Love to Sing Studios I have increased my range, improved my technique and my confidence has grown dramatically.Kelly – age 28

Love to Sing has been teaching me how to use my voice properly, resulting in much better range of singing and clarity of voice.  The lessons have been immensely valuable to my singing and I wouldn’t be able to sing like I can now if it wasn’t for their help.Michael J – age 17
The exercises have a purpose and are a big part of the lessons and general learning. Love to Sing is actually teaching me how to use my voice properly, and takes time to explain what’s happening with the voice and muscles. Other experiences haven’t focused on this much. This is the first time I’ve been taught how to sing correctly.Sonia Moloney
I have been getting singing lessons with Love to Sing Studios for over 3 years now. I feel like I have grown in so many areas, such as confidence in performance, increase in vocal range and the strength of my voice has improved. I love every week at my singing lessons and plan to work harder and practice more each week in order to continue to improve.Laura Illingworth – age 21
I have always enjoyed singing and had never attended singing classes so I was uncertain if I would gain much from taking the plunge. However, I have learned so much over the past 18 months, not only about breathing properly but I have gained techniques that enable me to project my voice without fear of not being able to reach a top note.
My vocal coach at Love to Sing Studios has been very encouraging, re-assuring me that I could continue to develop my voice and has helped me understand that I can have voice clarity without compromising the melodious voice quality I am looking for.
I had never learned any voice theory and my teacher has taught me the benefits of understanding the manner in which my voice is controlled and the importance of voice exercises to obtain more perfect pitch.John Teer – age 73
The advice given is what I value most about my lessons. I try to take into account what my Love to Sing voice coach says every week and practice and improve for the next weekLee Hutchinson - age 17

I wish to extend a large thank you to yourself and your, more than vital, singing lessons we shared at Love to Sing Studios. Throughout my time with your singing school, I developed a voice I never previously thought could come from inside myself. Having a much larger range, and a far more powerful voice, using techniques you taught me, has helped immensely in my professional career as an entertainer.

Through our lessons I gained a much more in-depth understanding of how the voice works and how we can personally protect and repair it. I began to use techniques you had taught me and almost instantly noticed a change. However, the more heartening responses came from my audience and peers.

Developing a new voice also indirectly encouraged me in other aspects of my life. I felt a desire to achieve greater things in my music, and wanted to improve my music abilities on my guitar but also pushed me into learning the piano, for which I have found a deep love.

Singing lessons at Love to Sing has helped guide me on a path I previously thought impossible and I sincerely wish to thank you for all I learnt from you.Luke Hammond