Singing Lessons in Geelong

What’s In It For Me?

Private Singing Lessons

Training at Love To Sing Studios will allow you to sing freely and clearly anywhere in your range, singing through the different areas of the voice, with all your words clearly understood.

Private vocal sessions with Melanie de Sousa provide training with a focus on the intricacies of your individual singing voice. Benefits being more voice elasticity, stamina, strength and ability.

Take control of your voice with regular ongoing session to ensure progression and sustained strength and versatility.

  • Develop a Solid Singing Technique
  • Increase your Self Confidence
  • Increase your Vocal Range
  • Strengthen your Voice
  • Develop endurance; a voice that lasts night after night
  • Improve your Pitch and Tone
  • Sing with a Connected Voice; consistency of tone with no apparent breaks
  • Move from low to high voice without straining, cracking or going breathy
  • Expand your unique sound

Ongoing Study

Most students attend a private 30 min or 60 min singing lesson on a weekly basis in Highton. This is most effective way to develop your voice on a regular basis.
If you cannot commit to a recurring lesson schedule, you are able to book casual lessons as you go. “Tune up” sessions are also available for those preparing for performance or recording dates.
At every lesson, Melanie will continue to give you additional exercises that cultivate vocal dexterity, range, and ease of production. Each exercise builds logically on the one previous, developing the skills you need to sing what you want.

If you don’t learn HOW to sing, WHAT you sing will always be limited, so as your technical abilities grow, you’ll apply them to songs. The key is to maintain the same easy feeling in your songs that came out in the exercises. Bring in your original or chosen songs to work out the kinks.

Lessons are aimed at all levels from beginner to the singing professional.

Private lessons are customized to fit your individual vocal needs, and lessons are recorded as an mp3 file for you to take home. This helps to make practicing as easy as possible.

Singing Lessons for Adults and Teens

Often it’s assumed that lessons are for young students. Older Teens and Adults are effectively catered for with a focus on professional and effective lessons, quickly addressing the areas of the voice that require attention. All lessons are private lessons.

Singing Lessons for Children


Starting in second term, 2019, we will be launching our lessons for Children with our lovely Teacher, Trudy Thompson!

Discovery, Encouragement, Inspiration, Empowered and Building Confidence.

Contact Melanie for more information on how we can build confidence in your child!

Professional Speakers

One of the benefits of Singing Lessons is that your speaking voice will also improve.
Melanie can provide simple Singing Exercises that will assist in the clarity, strength, breathing, articulation, resonation, dynamics of your speaking voice and more.

Vocal Rehabilitation

Melanie is also able to assist in the Vocal Rehabilitation of voices. Unfortunately singers can sometimes come across issues like nodules, polyps, vocal paralysis and more. With care, your voice can recover and with correct training you can potentially eliminate the reason you had the issue to start with. Contact Melanie to discuss your voice.

Skype Lessons

Whilst lessons in person are the most ideal, Melanie is able to offer lessons via Skype (a free internet video calling application). Perfect if you are not able to attend in person due to distance or other restrictions. You’ll need a good camera and microphone on your computer or device, and a hi-speed internet connection is recommended.

Teaching Times

Lessons are available from Monday to Thursday, afternoons and evenings. Approximately 12pm – 9pm, depending on availability.

Monday - 12pm till 9pm
12pm till 9pm
Tuesday - 12pm till 9pm
12pm till 9pm
Wednesday - 12pm till 9pm
12pm till 9pm
Thursday - 12pm till 9pm
12pm till 9pm

Lesson Prices

Lessons range from $38 – $80 per lesson. Contact Melanie for more detail.
Payment is via Cash or Bank Deposit/Netbanking.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for Adults and Older Teens.