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The IVA Technique

The IVA technique (The Institute of Vocal Advancement) is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing developed by the Schola Cantorum.

Our goal is to train voices to sing in a free and natural manner, smoothly, from the bottom of the range to the top with no breaks or sudden changes in quality.

Training in this technique gives the singer access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility where all words are easily pronounced and understood. Also, training in this technique helps improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice.
We accomplish these results by training the singer to find a balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture.
What on earth does that mean? Well in other words; just the right amount of air coming from the lungs, just the right amount of the vocal folds (also known as vocal cords) coming together, and with a larynx that doesn’t jump up or down when you sing, so it rests just like when you speak.

Why IVA?

IVA is an organization offering both exceptional vocal education and a certification program for professional singing instructors worldwide. Our primary focus is to research and teach the fundamentals and pedagogy of the healthiest, most highly effective vocal technique possible.
Our purpose is to educate and produce the finest vocal instructors in the world, promoting and maintaining exceptional standards for teachers of singing. We strive to continually develop our program with the latest research in vocal science. We also offer education in other essential aspects of singing and performance in order to meet the needs and interests of singers and over 300 voice instructors worldwide.

  • Is suitable for all styles of singing
  • Quickly helps you understand the singing process
  • Helps you sing with ease in a clear, connected, strong and natural voice
  • Eliminates the “breaks”
  • Eliminates sudden changes of tone or character
  • Ensures vocal flexibility
  • Ensures your voice will do its job and last the distance
  • Balances the tone throughout your range
  • Increases your range

IVA Instructors

IVA_advanced_TransparentIVA Instructors are certified to teach based on their years of study and continuing education in the field. Their continued study shows an openness to progress in the field of vocal technique. The instructors show strong dedication to the continuing vocal development of their students.

IVA Teachers are expected every year to pass through a series of training and tasks in order to maintain their accreditation/certification.
This includes conferences, workshops, private lessons, webinars, videos, reading, practical training and testing every year.

Training is rigorous and thorough and enables each teacher to expend their knowledge and expertise about singing.

Love to Sing teachers are accredited with IVA.