The world’s most renowned vocal teacher certification

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The Institute for Vocal Advancement was founded in 2013 by nine teachers passionate about developing the best method of teaching students to sing.  Using their combined knowledge and expertise, they devised a program for singing teachers to help their students understand how their voice works, diagnose singing voices, and fix problems with voices They soon realised that they were the only teachers who were teaching from the perspective of the …

Helpful singing tips

If you’ve ever struggled to do your Singing Practice, this is for you.

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Have you ever struggled to do your Singing Practice? Sometimes life, circumstance and busyness can get in the way of your perfect practice at home. From time to time you may experience a struggle to get your singing practice done. Understanding why we practice can help. Have you ever wondered how someone can go from being an average singer, to a successful one? Or how an average sportsman, become a ...