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Advanced Singing Teachers in Geelong

Hi  The team of singing teachers at Love to Sing Studios are advanced singing teachers trained under The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).
Love to Sing Studios is a professional singing studio where the team of singing teachers enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of helping to develop the vocal ability of both professionals, amateurs and beginner adults as they learn to maximise the potential of their voice, in a nurturing and friendly environment.


“I feel sorrow for singers I hear performing and not getting the most out of their voice.  Our aim at Love to Sing is to help singers discover their unique voice and sing to the best of their ability, and our motto when working with a singer is that they walk away singing more confidently and correctly.” Melanie


“To be a long-term positive impact in the lives of others”.

Love to Sing is on a mission to have a positive effect on each singer. By helping them identify the areas of their voice that need attention and then providing solutions, they provide a toolkit that each singer can carry with them forever.


If you are a beginner looking for training that is more than just ‘singing songs’, you are in the right place. If you want to understand more about your voice and vocal technique, you will find it here.
If you are a professional who needs to maintain your voice night after night, without losing your sound, we can help.
If you are concerned that the way you sing is potentially ruining your voice or you need Vocal Rehab, we can show you a better way.

Just like every human being is unique, your voice is too! Each of us bring’s something different and unique to this world and no singing voice is the same.  You are a creative person,  and you and your voice are one of a kind.

This is where we can help.  No matter how unusual you feel your voice is, we can help you find out how to best handle it.

Our aim is to have a ‘balanced voice’ and we’ll be able to identify how you can best counteract anything in your voice that is out of balance. Your singing will not only improve, but songs will also be easier to sing.

You can expect a focus on your individual voice in your lesson, and we enjoy the challenge of adjusting singing lessons to fit you.  Some people need much encouragement and others just want to ‘get into it’, ‘get results’ and ‘get the job done’.
Sometimes it can be a simple ‘tweek’ to the voice and all of a sudden hitting those high notes is so much easier.

For more detail on your first lesson, you can head over to the ‘Discovery Lesson’ page.

“The exercises have a purpose and are a big part of the lessons and general learning. Love to Sing is actually teaching me how to use my voice properly, and my teacher takes time to explain what’s happening with the voice and muscles. Other experiences haven’t focused on this much. This is the first time I’ve been taught how to sing correctly”. – Sonia Moloney
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“When I founded Love to Sing Studios 18 years ago, I was on a quest to find answers for students voices. It used to frustrate me when I had singing lessons myself that the teacher told me what was wrong with my voice, but didn’t provide a way to fix it.
This has been my quest for Love to Sing students; that if we hear something is not right about a students voice – we know how to fix it.” Melanie
Our team is a part of a worldwide community of over 300 singing teachers that regularly communicate online to share information, ask questions and share experiences.

Love to Sing Studios specialises in voice and singing lessons for adults from its studio in Geelong.

Love to Sing teachers also provide Teacher Training for newer Singing Teachers.


The Love to Sing team are committed to on-going training and education, regularly attending online Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher Training Conferences and Master Classes to develop their teaching skills and to keep up with current Vocal Technique and Voice Science.

Director Melanie is a former Certified Speech Level Singing (SLS) Instructor of 10 years, and as an Advanced Instructor at The Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA), has trained as a Singer and Voice Teacher with a number of Master Instructors:

Love to Sing Director previously held the role of Regional Representative for Speech Level Singing (SLS) for 4 years and Area Representative for The Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) for 2 years, organising education and certification for other Voice Teachers in Victoria.

“Melanie, your excitement about fixing vocal problems is infectious. It will always be that way and you will never tire of your pupils improvement and success. I’m so happy you’ve chosen SLS as your instrument of vocal accomplishment.
Best Wishes, Seth Riggs”.
Vocal Coach for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and more.


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